Strength Of Schedule

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Strength Of Schedule

The strength of schedule scores displayed in an event team summary table are the average scores of the Round Rating System scores of each opponent played, calculated on a per map basis. So 3 maps against a very tough opponent means that counts 3 times into the Strength of Schedule average, not just once.

Strength of schedule gives some indication of how hard the path of any of the given teams was to the stage in they reached in the tournament. Frequently in CS some groups and playoff draws are harder or softer. It’s not intended as a modifier to a team’s RRS score – that already contains the information of how their opponents stacked up against everybody else in the tournament.

This is most useful in identifying teams that may have made a deep tournament run based on a fairly soft schedule, or strong teams that have been dumped out early because they had hard games. In combination with 2nd order wins this can be helpful in identifying unjustly seeded teams.

Often in a CS tournament one of the whipping boys in a group will have a very high SoS score. The reason is that CS tournament groups tend to be small, so a weak team will face only the other strong teams, while those strong teams will have their SoS score diluted by the weak team. On top of that the weak team will never make it out of their group to face one of the teams from another group. When groups are unbalanced, which is unfortunately quote common in CS, the weak team in a strong group will usually have the highest SoS in the tournament.