The biggest plays from ECS Season 4 finals

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Using’s unique win percentage model we have identified the most impactful plays of the tournament in terms of swinging the round and game in one or other team’s favour. These aren’t about conventional crazy skill, they are about big moments that changed the direction of the game as a whole.

1. sunNy, mousesports vs FaZe on Mirage, + 57.4%
In the deciding map of the grand final with the score delicately poised at 10-9 in favour of FaZe the round looked to be getting away from CT sided mousesports. A 2 round lead for FaZe at this moment would have been critical.

SunNy got the opening frag of the round by taking up an aggressive position in mid, but mouseports found themselves in a 2v4 situation. Defending A he picked up Guardian with a nade and karrigan with the AK. Maneuvering towards B he flanked olofmeister and force NiKo to have to drop back to collect the bomb setting up the final frag for STYKO.

As DDK said an incredible round and performance from sunNy

2. KRIMZ, Fnatic vs OpTic Gaming on Cobblestone, +32.5%
Rarely does a round this early in a map qualify for an end of  tournament recap, but KRIMZ pulled off an extraordinary 5 man. Heavily outgunned, armed with pistols against a T side armed with multiple AKs, UMPs and a MAC10 Fnatic found themselves down 3 vs 5. KRIMZ picked off 2 in dropdown and picked up the MAC10.

That triggered the push into B and in a chaotic gunfight still using the CZ KRIMZ picked off friberg and allu and was left in a 1v1 with a very weak Magisk. Finally switching to the MAC10 after a tense but brief standoff Magisk had to break cover and KRIMZ completed the ace with the CT force buy into CZs and armour against the T side anti eco. Extraordinary stuff.

3. RUBINO, Astralis vs mousesports on Inferno, +31.9%
At 10-6 to Astralis this game seems to be there for the taking, but with mousesports winning the 2nd pistol round (which we know can be a very dangerous thing) and taking a strong anti-eco buy against a CT force buy it looked like the map might be taking a sudden turn.

Mousesports took a very patient course with their advantage, too patient as it turned out. Despite picking up a kill they ended up short of time and rushed through Astralis’s late smokes into the waiting Deagle of RUBINO who took down sunNy, oskar and chrisJ emerging from banana onto B.

4. rain, FaZe vs mousesports on Mirage, +26.8%
This one is all about the critical moment in the game it represented, the last map in the grand final. Neither team had good money and at 13-11 up mousesports were looking to establish a winning advantage. A series of kills were traded, but rain was able to pick off ropz without reply.

Once the bomb went down STYKO tried to save his AWP on B, but started picking off FaZe players as they came into the site to hunt him down. Rain calmly finished him off to secure the round and stop the bleeding forcing mousesports into eco territory at a critical moment.

5. SunNy, mousesports vs FaZe on Mirage, +25.3%
Once again in the grand final, an incredibly tight and dramatic match, SunNy stood out. Heading towards half time with the score at 6-6 both teams were hoping to establish an advantage going into the 2nd half. Facing a full buy from the CTs the pistols of mousesports didn’t look to have much chance.

An initial messy attack on the A site ended up with the bomb down but mousesports facing a 2 vs 3 including an AWP. SunNy got the first of his kills in the initial melee but more was to come.

Defending the plant the 3 remaining FaZe players gathered around connector and jungle were taken out in quick succession, karrigan and olofmeister both with headshots to complete the 4k. Mousesports economy was brought alive and FaZe forced into a timeout.

Credit goes to DDK for calling sunNy’s deagle play  pre-round