The biggest plays from ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals

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Using’s Win Percentage model I’ve calculated the biggest win % value round contributions by individual players from the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals. These aren’t always the biggest names, or the most spectacular or skillful plays, but the combination of their timing and impact had a dramatic effect on their team’s overall chances of winning each game.

1. aizy, North vs NiP on Inferno + 53.8%
Poised at 11-9 North had a chance to move the game heavily in their favour by establishing a 3 round lead and putting NiP in economic trouble. Attacking Inferno A, in the blink of an eye aizy reversed his team’s numbers disadvantage, destroyed NiP’s site defence and got the bomb plant. GetRight was forced to save and NiP took a timeout to figure out how to proceed. North eventually lost in overtime but without aizy’s play here they don’t get that far.

2. GuardiaN, FaZe vs SK on Train +52.8%
This one made the highlight reels. In the grand final down 2 maps to 1, and with the score at 12-15 in SK’s favour, running an ugly eco buy on Train and a man down things were looking bleak for FaZe. GuardiaN stepped up taking out coldzera from range with a CZ headshot then picking up Taco with molotov burn damage before the bomb plant. Defending the bomb he then capitalised on a distraction by olofmeister to take down fer in a CZ versus M4 encounter, and finally out of ammo he rushed into the smoke to take out FalleN with the knife with the defuse timer down to 2 seconds, securing a welcome payday. That incredible series of plays made the score 15-13 and paved the way for FaZe to force overtime.

3. ShahZaM, HellRaisers vs Misfits on Cobblestone +45%
Tied 18-18 in overtime against HellRaisers on Cobblestone Misfits’ ShahZaM hit a 4k with his AWP playing T side to give his team the advantage they rode to victory. Twice his kills equalised the player numbers from a disadvantage, and in a 2v2 situation (along with SicK) with the bomb down and on 2hp he picked up both remaining kills to give his team the round, and shortly after the map and a berth in the tournament semi-finals.

4. fer, FaZe vs SK on Inferno +43.7%
In the grand final on Inferno with FaZe leading 15-11 SK’s fer stepped up to keep them in it with a 4k round. Attacking the B site on an eco buy fer picked up Karrigan with the CZ to give them a decisive entry. Defending the site after the bomb plant he fragged rain, olofmeister and GuardiaN (trading coldzera) in quick succession using the AK47 scavenged from NiKo’s corpse. This forced FaZe into an eco, and although they couldn’t secure overtime the damage done gave SK a realistic chance of taking the first map all the way.

5. FalleN, FaZe vs SK on Train +37.8%
At 17-16 in overtime and looking to take themselves to the brink of overall victory in the grand final FalleN’s aggressive and fearless peeking with the AWP paid off as he got the entry into A then cleaned up 2 more FaZe players to give his team the round and put them one round away from overall victory in the tournament, an opportunity that they duly took.