The Map Meta in 2017 – part 4: Map Pool Twins

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One of the interesting things I found mostly by accident when reviewing the map statistics from 2017 is that using similarity analysis it’s possible to identify closely related map pools between teams. In part 2 I looked at the concept of adjusting map win rates by confidence levels, and it was these adjusted rates that I compared to find map pool twins.

Once again the candidate teams are from our world top 10, and the matches vary in quality.

FaZe and SK

It stands to reason that extremely strong teams have reasonably similar map pool success just because they’re so hard to beat on everything and will generally face inferior competition, however there are a couple of obvious differences. SK plays Cobble more and has a great deal of success on it, while the reverse is true of Inferno where FaZe dominate. SK’s avoidance of Nuke is also a big difference, but in general both team have similar success on 3 of the big 4 staple maps.

Not identical but with a strong family resemblance. Stick them in the same coat and hat and you’d never know the difference

Astralis and NiP

One of our outstanding matches, only Overpass and Cache are obvious points of departure. Of course Astralis have to earn their win rates consistently facing the likes of FaZe and SK in late knockout rounds, but that doesn’t stop them being joined at the hip on their Mirage, Cobble and Train win rates.

Cloud9 and G2 Esports

Rather than being twins it’s more a case of little brother Cloud9 trying to do everything big brother G2 can do, only not quite as well. Cloud9 lags behind across almost the entire map pool but makes up for it by being a far more efficient team on Train.

Will Cloud9 finally eclipse G2 in Boston, or will G2 continue to make Cloud9 slap themselves in face with their own hand?

Fnatic and North

Admittedly the similarities are getting a little thinner on the ground here, these two are more like warring cousins than twins each laying claim to their own corner of the map pool and wrangling over a couple of close ones in between. North’s big advantage on Overpass gives them the moral victory here, but if there’s going to be a family tragedy they’ll strangle each other to death over Inferno or Cache.

Yes I’m going to keep stretching this metaphor to breaking point.

Gambit and mousesports

Although it was the last one classified the close matches on Train, Cobble, Cache and Mirage make a pretty good case for a separation at birth. Gambit’s superiority on blue chip maps like Inferno and Overpass indicate that they got the upper middle class suburban adopted parents while mousesports were sent to the trailer park to learn Nuke, a map that is surely favourite to be banned into oblivion in Boston and potentially removed from the map pool entirely shortly after.

So in conclusion not quite so many twins as close family relations but with more similarities than differences. A fun exercise, not really useful in itself but potentially a reference for your own chin stroking map pool prognostications before clashes between the featured teams.